Sri Thulasiram, Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Vision and Experiences of Vallalar's Visit in 1981 to T.R.Thulasiram's residence in Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Fixing his the highest Integral Grace Power in the floor. And the Divine Mother appeared next day in her luminous golden body and gave him the mantra "Arut Perum Jyothi or Vast Grace-Light"

It was in the later part of 1981, soon after the publication of my book 'Arut Perum Jothi and Deathless Body' (a comparative study of Swami Ramalingam with Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and Thirumoolar), Vallalar visited me in my residential house of our Ashram in the early morning hours.

It was a beautiful vision of the Supramental Light of Grace (ArutPerunJothi) radiating from His Divine Body - a Light dazzling, beautiful, transparent, white and vibrantly dynamic and coming out from His Body clad in with white cloth on, so as to surround it fully. The Swami was seen blissfully smiling and with wink of His eyes. I could see the Light within His eyes too. He could be seen, in full because of the pure transparency of the Light surrounding His whole Body. He made me see the soles of His beautiful Feet, radiating Grace-Light which fell on the floor-space, half a foot below His feet. The radiant Grace-Light is an inseparable part of His body, from head to soles of His Feet.

He fixed by this Light of Greatest Grace-Power on the said floor-space and in my bed-room - which goes to prove the deathless nature of His Body.

The Swami sat on my cot-bed near my legs and then stood on the nearby floor-space, manifesting in full His Body with Grace-Light (ArutJothi).

Without walking, He moved by the vibrations of His Grace-Light to the adjacent room of my father (a great national freedom fighter and prominent social worker and M.L.A, was leading later part of his life in our Ashram) and I saw Him return again to my room before leaving. Thus it was more of a Visit rather than a mere vision.

Following the event, The Mother (of Sri Aurobindo Ashram) too came the day after, in Her Luminous Body, and holding my right hand gave me the Swami's Tamil Mantra of ArutPerunJothi (Vast Grace-Light) which vibrated deep in my heart.

(Sri Aurobindo Ashram)
Note : The far-reaching and widening significance of this Visit / Vision of Vallalar, can be understood by going through the books of Sri T.R.Thulasiram, especially the book titled… 'THE MOTHER - U.N.0. - VALLALAR: Supramental Evolution since 1874' and also the Tamil version (but enhanced with more details) of the same book.