Swami Ramalingam locked this door on 30-01-1874 to Dematerialize his triple deathless body in order to enter into all the bodies and permeate and pervade the entire universe and the farther pure worlds of Consciousness beyond.

Sri Gangadharan Swamy vividly seeing the process of dematerialization of Swami Ramalingam's deathless luminous body on 14-01-1978. This Supramental mystery was brought to light by him nearly after 104 years since Swami Ramalingam disappeared from the public view.

Sri Gangadharan, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

It was by a rare virtue (Punya) that on the first day of Tamil month Thai (14-1-78), I had a continuous Vision between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. in my usual meditation in the night. The vision of dematerialization of the physical body of Swami Ramalingam into and as the Truth-Light of Supreme Grace which contains or possesses in itself Supreme Compassion and Bliss of Grace.

Though I have had occasions to ascend into and remain for sometime in the Truth-World of Grace -Light wherefrom I could see the earth as part of the universe, the said Vision came to me when my consciousness was on the earth itself, though aware of the Truth-World and the Beyond.

To begin with I sensed an ineffable Silence and Peace (Para Shanta Mauna) prevailing everywhere and I heard continuously Para Nada. The mysterious divine Sound in that Supreme Silence and Peace. Then the Vision broke out.

A small village was seen in its simple and beautiful surroundings, though not endowed with a rich beauty of nature. There was the concrete Presence of the Supreme and Universal Divine with the beautiful Truth-Light of Grace and Fragrance, which enriched the place all the more and enraptured my heart with ever increasing aspiration for Grace. At the center of the village was seen a small house in its purity and peace. Sweet Fragrance of Grace radiated everywhere from the house.

Vallalar (Swami Ramalingam), the Great Munificent, was seen entering the house. His face was calm and peaceful. He was seen as the very embodiment of Compassion and his body was filled with the Fire of Tapas of Truth-Consciousness as of the Purity of the Supreme Divine (Suddha Sivam). His whole body was radiating the Light of Grace. Besides, his body was of silken or light golden shining colour. He entered into the verandah and kindled the wick of a burning oil-lamp and it began to burn more brightly. Then he stepped into his room and closed the doors and bolted inside. At that time there was the Concrete Presence of the Supreme and Universal Divine in the room. The Presence could be sensed even physically and even by the born-blind. There was also Silence, Peace, Fragrance and the Light of Grace due to the Presence.

Vallalar sat on the white cloth spread on a low wooden plank and began to concentrate. In that poise he was seen as a Mountain of Truth-Knowledge with the Truth -Light of Grace and Peace and Fire of Tapas. He was verily a supreme form of the Divine. Flood of Light was radiating from his pure and luminous body into all the directions.

Supreme Grace, Supreme Compassion and the Light of Grace are expressive of the secret truth that they hold the key for transformation of physical body into the deathless physical body of Grace in its eternal youthfulness. One has to live in the depth of the ocean of blissful Grace- light for getting transformed into the divine nature and as the divinised body.

The intensity of the flood of Light that radiated from his whole body was very powerful and one shall have the strength and capacity to bear and receive it. My whole body vibrated with a joy and pleasantness because of the Vision of Light of his body.

After sometime of concentration, he rose up and saw the physical sky. Full moon was shedding its blissful cool rays over the earth. A little distance away from the moon was seen a very bright and concentrated Splendour of Light. It appeared like a bright dazzling star of Light. The Swami poured his concentrated gaze at it for sometime. He became enraptured with blissful joy in the heart, which radiated on his face. A little time thereafter, he again sat on the white seat of the plank and entered into deep concentration.

Though the Swami was inside the closed and bolted room, he could see clearly the whole universe (Vishwa Prapancha) with It's tiers of many worlds of mind; life and the physical including the physical earth and sky with its moon, stars and clouds.

When he was thus absorbed in deep concentration, an effulgent Truth- Light of Grace broke out from his heart and with it's unique Heat began to burn his radiant physical body very slowly, as if at a snail's speed, and that in an upward direction, from the heart towards the head. The burning of the body may be somewhat likened to that of an incense-stick which however burns downwards by its inner heat of fire, forming ash-covering but without the falling down of the ash-form.

When the upper part of his radiant body was burnt completely from heart to head, there was left in its place a form of pure white substance, which also radiated its light of Consciousness. The burnt part, however, showed all it's features intact and clearly and even the burnt hair of his head was seen distinctly as luminous white hair. Then the Heat of the pure Light of Grace descended to burn the lower part.

After the whole body was thus burnt, the Swami was seen as a bodily form of pure white substance from head to foot, radiating it's Light. Even the blood had changed into a white luminous Substance. The form white kept intact all the different kinds of cells of his body and all the distinctive features and formations of his interior and exterior body. His bodily form did not shrink in size after the burning. I saw no visible flame nor sensed its heat during the burning of his living body, nor smoke, nor any bad smell as of burnt tissues, nor heard any cracking noise as of burnt bones. But instead, there was a sweet Fragrance since the time his body began to burn and it spread everywhere. I sensed in my heart an ineffable Calmness and Silence, which gave me in turn a state of Bliss.

Now a second stage of burning began. The unique Heat of Grace -Light began to burn slowly the Swami's luminous Form of white Substance from head to foot downwards. When his white Substance-Form full of it's radiating Light, was thus burnt completely, the white Substance became very fine sub-atomic consciousness particles which permeated and pervaded the entire universe and the farther pure worlds of consciousness beyond. The fine, white and conscious particles with it's radiating Light also entered into and got distributed everywhere in the earth and even in matter and in the Inconscient. After the universal pervasive distribution of the particles, they could be seen no more and disappeared from my sight. But now there pervaded everywhere the sweet, soft and fine Fragrance of Camphor which gave my body a blissful sensation and enraptured my heart as well.

Then I had the rare vision of the Swami's universal luminous golden Form. As a matter of fact the immensity of his golden form contained in it the whole universe (Vishva Prapancha). This form too disappeared from my view and was replaced by another vision in which I saw the Golden Light of Truth- knowledge and Grace entering into all the directions more speedily than the lightning. It permeated and pervaded the whole universe and the farther pure worlds of Consciousness. It entered into our earth and all it's crores of the physical forms of beings and objects and in the apparently insensible matter (Jada) and even in the very dark realm of the vast Inconscient. All the forms that were permeated by the Golden Light of Truth changed into golden forms of beings and objects. The golden Light entered into my whole adhara including the physical body. My body felt in all the cells vibrations of ease and pleasantness.

Then I heard some words of Grace, but they were indistinctly heard and could not be deciphered, as I was absorbed in a rapture of Bliss due to the sublime vision and experiences. Thus the Vision lasted an hour of time and came to an end.

The visible physical light is the concrete symbol of the Vast truth-Light of Grace which is the source of all lights. Camphor is verily a solid form or symbol of that light. The Swami's soul is inseparable from the conscious white particles of Substance which he has become and pervadingly distributed everywhere. When the Supreme Truth- Consciousness manifests in the physical world, it becomes the golden Light of Grace. The Will of the Supreme Divine in the Vast Truth-Light of Grace shall be fulfilled on the earth. The Golden Light of Grace will purify and transform man and the physical body too will become deathless physical Truth-Body, and the Sanmarga of Truth, Purity and Goodness shall prevail on the earth. As Anma (soul) realizes the pure Spirit, the body too shall realize its truth as the true body of the Spirit.


Sri Gangadharan's experiences were translated from Tamil by T.R.Thulasiram.
Courtesy: Arut perum Jyothi & Deathless Body, vol I,p